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Have You Seen the Crazy Decor in This Detroit Home? Here's the Inside Scoop By Becky Bracken

The over-the-top decor in this retro time capsule house in Detroit has been stirring up buzz on the internet, and with good reason. The listing photos show rooms filled with an insane array of elaborate accessories, kitschy collectibles, and even vintage cars.

From the immaculate white and silver formal living room to the crocheted ceilings in the breakfast nook and den, this house was obviously put together with a very specific vision. In fact, the home has been so painstakingly curated and cared for over the decades, the homeowner couldn't bear to separate his vision from the home itself, so he's throwing everything into the purchase price.


And we mean everything. The baby grand piano, the '50s-era appliances in mint condition, the fountains, the furniture, and the two custom-built classic cars are all included in the $550,000 price tag.

Homeowner Ronald Nassar—also known as "Mr. Ronnie"— is a retired industrial and automotive engineer who used to work for American Sunroof Corp. Now he's looking to downsize and leave behind his well-curated work.

"Mr. Ronnie is a true artist and loves the unique," says listing agent Alex Lauer. "He's composed a home that flows fully furnished with everything, including the cars, and is looking for a buyer who will appreciate everything."


Crocheted ceiling

Built in 1951, the 1,886-square-foot home has three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and two half-bathrooms—all filled with eye-popping decor.


There's also a heated pool with outdoor shower and cabana, finished basement with billiard room, and two-car garage lined with murals.

Our description of the mundane details don't really do justice to the home. You have to see it to believe it.


Some of the more notable items Mr. Ronnie is including with the purchase price are the Kohler & Campbell baby grand player piano, the Frigidaire kitchen appliances, a 1966 Cadillac Fleetwood, and a 1974 Lincoln Mark IV.


The home's listing is racking up views in Facebook groups such as "Retro Renovation" and on Reddit, where it ignited a popular thread, particularly among fans of Mr. Ronnie's commitment to design.

"I LOVE when people love what they love and just spread it all around their houses," a Retro Renovation member said about the house. "Go homeowner go!"

A few naysayers have pointed out similar homes in the area have a median listing price of just $33,000. However, the median doesn't take into account the many, many treasures Nassar is including in the sale.

Lauer says the home is being shown only to qualified buyers on sunny days, which is Nassar's preference. The agent says he has been blessed with the opportunity to spend time in the home with Nassar, soaking up knowledge about the mind-blowing collection contained within.

"I was completely amazed when I walked in," Lauer says. "I really enjoy learning about history. The automotive relics and cars got me really excited. Talking to Mr. Ronnie and hearing stories that he has to share from the past is very enjoyable."

This home isn't for every taste, but for the right buyer with a love for the industrial heyday of the Motor City, it's a total treasure trove.

And on sunny days, you might just be able to invite Mr. Ronnie over to the house to reminisce—and ask him where in the heck he got the idea for those incredible crocheted ceilings.

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