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New Woodbridge residential development approved by Historic District Commission By ROBIN RUNYAN

Along a busy stretch of Trumbull, the Woodbridge neighborhood will see new houses rise in the coming years. The Historic District Commission approved design plans for developer Procida-Diggs to build attached and detached for-sale homes between Selden and Brainard Streets.

While Woodbridge residents were generally in support of residential development on the land, many took issue with the design. The public hearing at the meeting drew critical comments of the houses, with descriptions such as “lacking character,” “flat and monotonous,” and a “flat, bland eyesore.”

Some also took issue to the lack of density in the proposals, and that the houses would be sold for a reported $350-400,000.

The houses will include a small (too small, according to many) front porch, a two-car garage, a backyard, deck, and basement. They’ll be about 1,800 square feet with three bedrooms. Many will be attached duplexes, while others will be detached. The initial plan calls for 19 homes, with eight more in the future. The developers plan to break ground in spring 2018.

Another contentious issue was the decision to keep or destroy the posts that still stand on the lot. There’s a short stone wall that’s deteriorating, along with two sets of posts. In the past, they prominently stood as gateways to the Scripps mansion that once stood there. Two of the posts at the corner will stay put, while residents urged the developers to keep the other two within the neighborhood.

The Powerhouse that stands on the property will be rehabbed in the development. The structure will be stabilized and the roof will be replaced.

The development will reportedly cost around $6 million.

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