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Bedrock, city of Detroit bring affordable housing downtown By Ingrid Kelley

The City of Detroit and Bedrock announced an agreement that will create hundreds of affordable housing units.

At Bedrock's 28-Grand in the Capital Park district, 85 units are slated for affordable housing.

The real estate company recently broke ground on a 54-unit affordable housing complex for seniors located in Brush Park.

But it won't stop there. Over the next few years, Bedrock says it will preserve or create up to 700 affordable housing units.

"I think it's just great for us to be in the affordable housing market as we bring in mixed uses together and mixed incomes, it's just really exciting for us," said Dan Mullen of Bedrock.

Bedrock says the unit’s designated affordable housing will have great features, including parking, retail and fitness space.

City officials say the majority of these affordable housing units will be located downtown where affordable housing options are needed.

"Through this agreement, we have a partnership with to develop the new units and also preserve existing units - so it's a net growth of affordable housing in area," Jenison said.

The agreement between the City of Detroit and Bedrock will go before city council for approval before the end of July and city officials say they're confident it will get the green light.


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