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    Keep a junk bowl handy

    Clutter hacks for your home
     The best clutter hacks for your home. Pexels

    Limit yourself to one small space, in this case, a junk bowl," where you can keep those odds and ends that don’t fit anywhere else. What’s in The Nife En L’Air’s junk bowl: “accessories from parties, receipts, business cards, hair pins, Totoro mini plushes from Japan... And it is fine, since this is after all, a Junk Bowl.”

    Another option is a tray. West Elm makes beautiful, affordable trays to collect all of your small stuff. 

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    Figure out why you're hanging onto clutter.

    How to Organize Your Storage Unit (So You Can Actually Find Your Stuff)
     How to Organize Your Storage Unit (So You Can Actually Find Your Stuff). Ali Edwards

    Ask yourself why you’re holding on to stuff. You may be surprised the amount of times you answer "I don't know." That makes it easier to let stuff go. 

    In addition to asking yourself these 7  key questions when decluttering, have you thought about why you’re holding onto something on a deeper level?


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    Realize that it's okay to be emotional about clutter.

    99 clutter hacks
     99 clutter hacks to help you declutter your home. Getty

     It’s hard to get rid of things. Especially if you purchased with them expectations of loving them, so be prepared to accept getting emotional about decluttering.

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    Magnetic desk organizers

    DIY Magnetic Desk Organizers
     DIY Magnetic Desk Organizers.

    Make magnetic desk accessories to corral clips. If you can make something magnetic, it can hold onto to more of you “smalls” for you.

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    Identify a donation center.

    How to donate clothing
     How to Donate Clothing. Image / Getty

    I find having a place I can donate old clothing, shoes and accessories to before I begin decluttering makes a difference.donation center or charity


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    Go at your own pace.

    Desk with Books and Calendar
     Desk with Books and Calendar. Photo / Josh Beggs

    You can declutter at your own pace. You don’t have to go crazy and do it all in one week or one weekend. Going at your own pace increases the chances you’re keep it up and develop a good routine.

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    Beware of clutter creep

    Stop bringing home bargain clutter
     Stop bringing home bargain clutter. Getty

    Look for quality objects with a purpose to avoid “clutter creep” in a new home.  If you only bring in high-quality objects that serve a purpose, then you’re less likely to buy something on the fly, not use it and call it “clutter” six months later. Have some standards for what you bring into your home.

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    Hangs kids artwork.

    Hang kids artwork
     Hang kids artwork. Getty

    Hang kids’ artwork from clips to avoid fridge clutter. You have to display your kids’ artwork, but not forever and you can make it look more interesting than just hanging it on the fridge with magnets. Get crafty.

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    Use shower curtain rings to hold just about everything.