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Six More Tiny Homes Appear In Detroit’s Dexter-Linwood Neighborhood By: Daily Detroit Staff

Last year, we told you about the completion of a tiny house built by the nonprofit Cass Community Social Services.


They’ve been busy building their next six homes, under construction now and scheduled to be complete in the fall.

The homes are located just off of Woodrow Wilson south of Glendale on Monterey, near the Highland Park/Detroit border.

As we wrote about last year, they’re designed to serve low income people. Rent for the homes is based off the square footage of each home. If someone is living in a 400 square foot home, their rent will be $400 (or one dollar per square foot).

The only other bill that the residents will have for the house is electricity. The heating in the house is electric. They estimate that the electric bill including heat in February should be around $30 a month.

There is an extensive background check (including criminal history), applicants must meet HUD guidelines, be U.S. Citizens, and they also have an interview.

So let’s take a look at the progress. There are a variety of sizes.

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