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25 House Cleaning Hacks for the Lazy Housekeeper By: Kim Bryan

1. Effortless Garbage Disposal Cleaning

Make a tray of ice cubes made of 1 part vinegar and 1 part water. Drop a couple of cubes in your garbage disposal, let them melt, and it'll be clean and bad smells gone.

2. Soda Toilet Cleaner

Pour carbonated soda directly into the toilet and allow it to sit at least half an hour. The carbonation will remove stains and leave it sparkling like new.

3. Vegetable Oil Cleans Stove Hoods

Add a little vegetable oil to your rag when cleaning the stove hood to help easily remove grease-caked dust. As you'll see in another tip, apply car wax to prevent future buildup.

4. Stainless Steel Shine

Mix 1 cup water with 1/4 cup cream of tartar to clean and shine your stainless steel appliance.

5. Wax Paper for Faucets

Wiping faucets with wax paper prevents water spots and finger prints.

6. Lint Roller Your Lamp Shades

Dusting lampshades is a breeze with a lint roller. Just run the roller around the shade a couple of times and walk away.

7. Dust Ceiling Fans with a Pillowcase

Inser the fan blade into the opening of the pillowcase and slide up to the arm. Clinch shut and pull back. Dump your pillowcase into the garbage when done.

8. Boil the Stove Hood Filter

Clean your stove hood to like new by submerging in a pot of boiling water and I cup of baking soda. Check periodically and remove when clean.

9. Car Wax Detracts Dust

Apply a thin coat of car wax to air returns, vents, stove hoods, and the sorts to keep hem dust-free longer.

10. Dryer Sheets Repel Dust from Baseboards

Upcycle a used dryer sheet by wiping down baseboards with it. Doing so repels dust.

11. Soap Scum Hates Dryer Sheets Too

After cleaning your tub or shower, wipe it over with an unused dryer sheet to prevent soap scum.

12. Clean Vents with a Butter Knife and Rag

Make an impromptu vent cleaner using a butter knife and dusting rags. Slide between the slats and wipe.

13. Use Coffee Filters On Glass

Clean your mirrors and windows with coffee filters instead of rags or paper that wells for a streak and lint free shine.


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