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Are you tired of Bed Bugs?


Bed bugs can be a massive problem that no one talks about because they are embarrassed! On the contrary, in order to stop the spreading, we need to talk about these things. Bed bugs are bloodsucking insects that are notoriously difficult to exterminate and not uncommon. They are hitchhikers!  Bed bugs will climb into things such as purses, duffle bags, furniture, used clothing ETC. This is how they spread from place to place. People need to tell other when they have them. They don’t because they don’t’ want to feel like outcasts, but by being secretive they are spreading them to other households!


Originally they climbed walls of caves and fed on bats. When man cave dwelling ancestors left the caves, the bed bugs followed and they have pestered humanity ever since. Please be forthcoming if you have bedbugs so that others can better avoid the hassle of dealing with pests. There is concern that those who have bed bugs could be bringing them to school in pockets, backpacks and they will end up in someone else’s home.


What are some possible solutions to this problem?


Typically, the most effective—and expensive is thermal heat. Portable heaters will be linked up to a trailer and warm the house to a uniform 127 degrees. Sensors will monitor this temperature which is maintained for FOUR hours killing all stages of life of the insect wherever they may be. This treatment will run anywhere from $900 (size of an apartment) to $2500 for a 3000 square foot house. It is stated that thermal treatments are nearly 100% effective.


Another method used is a chemical used to treat the beds, couches, chairs and other areas where bed bugs might lie. This can run around $700 if using an outside company. There are also the sprays which can be bought at a hardware stores that will run around $13 a can. Be sure to cover all bedding, stuffed animals, or other items in a sealed air tight plastic case to kill live bugs. Spray along the edge of all rooms and let the house air out. This method is less effective but much more inexpensive. Some counties offer financial aid to treat this types of outbreaks.


This is a problem that anyone can get no matter where they live or what their background is. Please note that the presence of bed bugs has nothing to do with cleanliness! The insects will wind up wherever they manage to hitch a ride and continue to spread from there. Infestations can happen to anyone.

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