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Don’t upgrade with a Pool if you are looking for Payback!


Although we all love a great cannonball, an in-ground pool may be your belly flop- worst choice when deciding where to get the biggest returns for your buck in upgrades. Typically it will cost between 25k-50k depending on the size and quality of pool materials before anyone will be able to set foot in the water.

Pools are even quite expensive to maintain. Average costs are around 2k a year to maintain, keep filters and pump repairs going, as well as the cost spent in order to heat the pool. Eventually there will be cracks after a few years of installation and depending on the size and severity, these repairs can cost upward of 10k. Additionally, a pool costs about $2,000 a year to maintain, hundreds more to heat and insure and even hundreds more in filter and pump repairs within the first decade.

The National Center for Real Estate Research says an in-ground pool can add about 8% to a home's resale price, but that value swings from 6% in the Midwest to 11% in the Sun Belt. Do keep in mind that 1.9% of the value if the buyer decides it's an eyesore that needs to come down.

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