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Sellers: Curb Appeal


Even the smallest improvements on a property can have a wonderful impact on prospective buyers. These improvements can be inexpensive, affordable, but alter the property for the better. One of the most important areas such as this is THE LAWN. Through the landscaping, an owner can transform a bleak building to a desirable destination. The primary presentation of the property is one thing that should not be forgotten.

There are so  many other investments that are expensive and small in comparison to making sure the greenery is fantastic. The shrubs, lawn, and flowers are a spectacular way to beautify the building and even increase value and desirability.

The outside of a place DOES influence the valuation of the property. Before spending extensive cash on redoing the kitchen, bathroom, or other expensive embellishments, be sure to take a first long look at the lawn. Make sure the grass is healthy. Spray for flat grass broadleaf weeds as well as add a fertilizer in order to help the “healthy” grasses grow and make the yard look more FULL. Lush Grass rather than a weedy or just plan seedy yard will be highly attractive during the first impression. Keep the lawn trimmed as well as add some potted plants, hanging flowers, or planters. For under $100 and about a month of attention and TLC your hard can be one of the main attractions

Upkeep of the grounds is one of the things that condominium associations always keep up because this is one of the quickest and most affordable ways to distinguish the property from the others.  This may seem obvious as a homeowner, but keep in mind the property should be comfortable, attractive, easy to access, and stick in your memory to make a lasting impression!


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