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What to do when there isn’t a credit report!


Typically when looking to screen tenants, the owner or management company goes straight to a credit report to review for qualification on the tenants.

What happens when the tenant does not have a credit history? This is very common for international renters. Perhaps a person who is just coming into the country, an international student, or someone with no established credit history.

If a credit score is necessary, who is chosen to cosign for these individuals or how can it be confirmed that these tenants have not just “skipped” their way out of several different leases across the land.

How are the tenants held responsible not only for leaving a lease, but also for damages! Must all internationals have a cosigner?

All tenants must be screen equally in order to comply with the Fair Housing Act. Whether you're from the U.S. or not, the criteria that all landlords find pertinent when making leasing decisions is not always readily available. There is an incident reporting database that is nationwide, and offers members of the Real Estate community a free service that is able to track skips, evictions (even if they have not completed filing), proxy renters (those with qualifying credit, that rent on behalf of those who do not want their name on a lease, i.e.: sex offenders, sex traffickers, drug dealers, and convicted felons), as well as other lease violations that most landlord's would want to know about.

The site was created to ensure that everyone’s rights would be upheld. This database wil allow owners or managers to review and if they have seen a skip, or other lease violation in someone's past, then they may be inclined still lease to the tenant, but with terms that are more in line with their past rental history would indicate. The Rent Rite Directory's Incident Reporting Database also offers an appeals process, as well as an addendum for their residents to sign, stating that they will be entered into the system, if they violate their lease.

According to the system, the qualifications of the tenant are placed on an equal playing field and it allows renting to international tenants to be a much easier process from beginning to end. 


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