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There are a few obvious reasons you might want to consider a roof replacement, but there are some other telltale signs that may be letting you know your roof needs a freshen up or a tear off.

Sun patches and water puddles are the first obvious signs it’s time for a new tent topper, however, there may be a few additional signs that aren’t quite as obvious.

Many times it will depend on the type of roof you have. Asphalt Shingles which seem to be the most common roofing material in the North Americas have a life cycle of about 25 years. There are many other types of roofs that may have a longer life line and can last up to 50 years. This may include slate, teja, metal, laminate, and masonry.

Think about replacing your roof when:

• Your neighbors around you all have newer roofs than you! Besides looking to maintain the value of your home, you may also want to realize that the homes in the neighborhood were most likely built around the same time and it may be an indicator that your roof needs a touch up.

• You have a home in an area that maintains severe geographic conditions. Wind, hail, wild rains, sleet, debris can all be factors when considering roof maintenance.

• Your house is an eyesore. Plain and simple, this can make the value of your house decline as well as the neighborhood. With so many homes left to die in the foreclosure market, it may be wise to make yours pop!

Whether you need a patch or a complete tear off, please consider the style, the type, and the look. A roof will last for years to come and it is one expensive upgrade that you will not want to reconsider or redo!


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