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Trimming Tips for Hedges


Do you trim your own shrubs or do you have a gardener/landscaper do it?  I’ve trimmed them w/ the large scissor types, with electric trimmers, but I’ve always wondered if I’m doing it right. If you wonder too, then i have some simple tips for you. If those shrubs in the front of your house seem to be getting a bit too big for you, it might be time for a trim. If when you are trimming you leave giant holes in your bushes, this is the blog for you.

-Most of the time the growth happens in the spring, therefore the beginning of summer is the time to take out the trimmers. You will be able to tell new growth because it will be a bright green compared to the darker green growth of the  past below. It.

-Sharpen those blades if you are using hand trimmers, and look for your longest extension cord if you are using an electrical trimmer.

-It is not necessary to prune all shrubs, but it can be a good way to create shape, give new flowers, and rejuvenate an old haggard looking shrub.

-Be sure to do your yard work when it’s beautiful outside. This can be therapeutic and inspiring. It won’t even seem like work! Catch a tan, enjoy the sun, and make your yard look great!


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