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Choices of Flooring For Your Home


There are many different choices of flooring to choose from and often times the climate and weather will determine which type of flooring fits your needs. There are also many benefits to each type of flooring.

There are THREE types of flooring I’ve seen that are most common.

1)    Hardwood. This is a floor that can be used throughout the entire house. No matter what room you are in, this material is pertinent. The least desirable room to have this in would be the bathroom because of the condensation, however, if you choose hardwood for the entire home this can be helped w/ rugs.

2)    Tile is another material that is good for many rooms of the house, but is somewhat sensitive to weather. The cold temperatures can cause it to crack or if you are in a climate that has a lot of snow, water, or ice it can be a slipping hazard. Tile is also easy to install and to maintain. A simple sweep and mop and the floors are as good as new!

3)    Carpet is always a warm touch, but is difficult to keep clean. A vacuum is necessary and stains are always something that are a disappointment. One glass of fruit punch or grape juice and that carpet will never be the same. Carpets are easy to install and fairly inexpensive.

Great flooring options are out there and within any budget! Look for remnants or even in the materials section swap and trade sites such as craigslist!


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