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10 Tips to SAVE MORE Money!


1.     Sell your clutter on eBay or Craigslist.

Start on a weekend in your garage and closets. Take your camera phone and start taking pictures of all the items you want to sell. When you upload all the photos place the ads.  You’ll be surprised how much extra cash each week you can make as well as the space you will clear!

2.     Clear your Credit Card Debt.

One of the golden rules of financial planning is to clear your most expensive debts first, in other words your credit cards! Try to use the credit cards to obtain Points, rewards, or other types of incentives, but with the extra money you make from clearing clutter, use it to get rid of any high interest payments you may have!

3.     Cut the cost of your energy bills

If you have the option to use less energy DO IT. Sometimes you may have the option for other gas or electric providers. It may or may not save you money, but lowering the furnace 3 degrees will impact the bill as well as turning off the water when you brush your teeth, and making sure you turn the lights and TV’s off when they aren’t in use.

4.     Make a shopping list

Food shopping forms a significant part of our monthly outgoings and the supermarket is where the bulk of the money is spent. You must be warned, supermarkets and other stores spend a small fortune studying ways of making us part with more of our money than we would otherwise intend to. Plan your meals in advance and only purchase those items that you plan to cook.

5.     Try to do it yourself! 

You’d be surprised what you’ll save learning to light your own pilot light!

6.     Shop around for the cheapest insurance

Insurance for your car, house, health, and life are important. Be sure that when renewal time comes up to shop around. If you can cut $100 a year on each of your insurance policies you’ll save yourself a great chunk every month!

7.     Book Early

Low-cost airlines have created a market in holidays for people prepared to fly to any destination provided it's cheap. You can benefit from this too. Just remember, only a few seats on each flight are sold at bargain-basement prices and once they're sold, the prices rise. So book early.

8.     Cut down your drinking and quit smoking!

Everyone has something they enjoy, however the health risks are just not worth the cigarette. Enjoy your martini or wine, but know a case of beer after work a few nights a week is a financially debilitating state of affairs. Set limits and stick to them.

9.       Cancel your gym membership

 Run! Walk! Sit up! Roll!

10.  Ask yourself Do I REALLY need this?

If not, just say NO


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