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Top 10 Best Dog Breeds For Condo Living


Assuming you live in an HOA friendly complex, here is a guide to some of the best dogs for small spaces. Despite these dogs' size and fragility, it is essential to schedule daily walks and play sessions to keep your dogs happy. By doing so, you will undoubtedly be able to mold your lovable fluff ball into the perfect canine-sized roommate you've always dreamed about!

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Pekingese - Weighs 8-10lbs, Average Life Expectancy 10-15 years

These little dogs are very sensitive little souls who behave lovingly with their owners. They are relatively inactive indoors and make very good lap dogs. Training may take some time, but with a gentle and consistent reinforcement, they'll be housebroken in no time.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel: Weighs 10-18lbs, Life Expectancy 9-14yrs

Cavaliers love humans and thrive on constant companionship. They are very sweet and generally get along well with other non-canine pets. They are outgoing and sportive and enjoy going on "pack walks" and going on romps around the park.


Papillon: Weighs 5-10lbs, Average Life Expectancy 12-15yrs

These alert, happy little balls of fluff are ranked as the 8th smartest dog breeds in the world. They are light on their feet and can be distinguished by their fine bone structure and beautiful butterfly ears. They are extremely easy to train and love to please their owners.

Pugs: Weighs 13-20lbs, Average Life Expectancy 10-15 yrs

These goofy little creatures are perfect for apartment living as they cannot withstand hot or cold weather and thrive best when they're allowed to live indoors as part of the family. Perpetually cheerful, pugs are playful, loving, and affectionate. Best of all, they are not yappers.


Toy Poodles: Weighs 6-9lbs, Average Life Expectancy 12-15yrs

Poodles are highly intelligent dogs and need a lot of mental stimulation. With a good amount of exercise, a toy poodle can easily live happily in an apartment. They are extremely sweet, lively, and enjoy chilling with their favorite humans.

Chihuahua: Weighs 2-6lbs, Average Life Expectancy 15 yrs

Chihuahuas are very loyal companion dogs that can grow very attached to their owners. With daily walks, these dainty little creatures are perfect for apartment life as they are ill suited for cold temperature.

Yorkshire Terrier ("Yorkie"): Weighs 7 lbs, Life Expectancy 12-14yrs

Yorkies are adventurers at heart and often times seem oblivious to their tiny size. They are fairly active indoors and, if exercised sufficiently, can be an amazing companion. They are very affectionate with their owners and need gentle leadership.

French Bulldog: Weighs 19-22+ lbs, Average Life Expectancy 10-12yrs

Frenchies have clown-like personalities and enjoy goofing around. These dogs will cheer you up with its antics and bring a smile to your face with you're feeling down. They are enthusiastic and lively, but not yappy or loud. With decent exercise, they'd be perfect for apartment living.


Duchshund: Weighs 8-12lbs, Average Life Expectancy 12-15yrs

Devoted to their "pack" family, the Duchshund is a curious, lively, and amusing little soul. They crave human leadership and do best under gentle but firm training. They need to be exercised regularly as well to prevent boredom.

Italian Greyhound: Weighs 6-10lbs, Average Life Expectancy 12-15yrs

Gentle by nature and sensitive, Italian greyhounds are perfect for most families. They are playful, keen, intelligent and generally get along with other non-canine family pets. They are graceful runners who are extremely quick and light on their feet; it is a delight just sitting back and watching them run. With a good amount of exercise, these small dogs can easily thrive in an apartment as they dislike cold weather.

This was written by marketingskeptic. I loved the pictures and agreed with the opinion as I have a Pekinese myself so I decided to repost!


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