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Don’t Be a Nasty Neighbor!


We all live SOMEWHERE. And most of us call where we live “home”. Most of us also have neighbors. Some of us love our neighbors. Some of us hate them,  however, wherever we go we are going to have to deal with people who are also calling a space close to us “home”.

1. Mow your lawn!

Seriously. Just mow it. It's not a protected wildlife area. If you can’t roll off the couch to do it yourself, Hire a neighborhood kid!Description: Description: Description:

2. Shut that darn dog up.

There is nothing worse than trying desperately to get some sleep and having to listen to someone's dog all night. I mean, if I thought that a dog was actually barking at a burglar, I'd be fine with that. But that's never what is going on. Bring Fido inside if you're one of those people who "don't hear him when he barks." Let him sleep with you since you love him so much.

3. Park in front of your own house

You have a big party and people park in front of my house... no problem, I get it. That's why I am such a great neighbor to have. I love a good BBQ. However, don't park your twenty-two year old hunk of junk outside my front door just because you have nowhere else for it to go. Get rid of it if you don't drive it anymore. Give it to charity.

4. Invite me to your party, or at least give fair warning first.

If you're going to fill up the street with cars and have that music blasting, at least give me a bit of warning first. Let me know so that maybe I can plan to be out of town. Or at least go check into a hotel. Or even better, invite me. If you're going to deprive me of sleep until who knows what A.M., then the least you could do is offer to entertain me while I am forced to be awake. Feed me. Let me drink your beer. Something.

5. Take your nasty garbage out on garbage day!

Pretty simple, really. The stench coming from your rotting garbage makes everyone want to puke, particularly those of us down wind. Same goes for the doggie turds you haven’t yet bothered to scoop up off of your back lawn.

Maybe this is just to blow off steam, BUT to NOT do these things is not only rude,  but could also have the city after you…especially if I call them!


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