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Rent-A Driveway

Renting spaces from extra rooms to vacation properties with ocean views is a snap, thanks to the Internet classifieds such as Craigslist.

Why shouldn't renting your driveway be just as easy? After all, finding somewhere to park is also about location, location, location.

Not limited to single-family home driveways and garages, the site will list spots for anyone who has space to fill from churches and schools to small businesses and strip malls.

Obviously, spaces nearest public transit centers, downtown areas, theaters, stadiums and other attractions will bring higher rent, but will have to compete with existing parking facilities.

You can rent your space by the hour, day, week or month. The only restrictions could be those imposed by a homeowners association, city ordinance or other jurisdiction.

The service is free for drivers to browse and contract. It's also free for parking space owners to list. Parking space owners pay a 15 percent fee when a space is rented. Renters can pay via cash, check, PayPal or other methods.

Users do not have to exchange personal information or even communicate. All transactions can be accomplished through the website.

Please be advised homeowners to check with their insurance company before renting out their garage or driveway. No matter where drivers park they typically park at their own risk, but should check with their auto insurance company before parking long term anywhere.

The idea isn't completely new…there are others…

Drivers and property owners long have used  as a parking marketplace. And you can shop around for the best deal from , ParkWhiz, ParkingSpotter, Parking Spaces 4 Rent and Your Parking Space, among others.